Thursday, April 16, 2009

Students working hard on Campus

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why not on Sundays?

Hundreds of students who live in Traditions East, Traditions West, and Kraettli Apartments try to take the Bus on Sunday to going to South Oval and they can not. What is going on?

I have already talk about about the Bus Service in OU, but I think that is necessary to deal this problem which a lot of people is having. Bus Service on OU is closed on Sundays. I can understand that the busses frequency shouldn't be the same, but this service should know that more than one thousand students are living in these apartments and they need a mean of transportation. These students often have no car. Bus Service also should know that Sunday is the day when a lot of stdents go to the library or Union to study, and usually the weather is not good to going by walking.

“There are several facilities for students on sunday like the library or different computer labs on campus which they can not enjoy without a bus service” says Alejandro Argilaga, senior Chemistry Engineer. “Well, I think that it is really bad that there isn't bus service on Sundays, because the people that don't have cars also have things to do on Sundays” says Maggy Villarroer, junior Graphic Designer.

I usually agree with this Bus Service, but I think that there are some things that they should improve.


This week started the II International Soccer Tournament for OU students. Until the next May 3rd (Final Game Day) eight teams are going to play twice a week to win the Cup.

Oklahoma University is not very known for its Soccer Team, that is because this sport is not very famous in the US. But in the rest of continents, soccer is a way of life. People love this sport, they love watch it and play it. That's why PANAM (Students Association) organizes this tournament in which the only requirement to play is to be OU student. Students from the 5 continents for the teams PANAM, Drink Team, AFSA (African Student Association), Super Campeones (last semester winners), SSA, Dragon Blood Dough Boys, SVS and ESO (European Student Association). I think that football is a very good way to make friends, and it is better if your friends are from other countries.

“The soccer tournament is a way for international students to participate in a tournament were they can play the most popular sport in their home countries and show their skills” says Fernando Alborta, PANAM player. “I think that the tournament is unorganized because there's have to be real referee's for the game's, because it's really important for the safety of the players” says Karl Huber, ESO player.

If you like soccer you can attend tuesdays or thursdays to watch the games from 4 PM to 6 PM. It is not professional soccer but these teams play as they were at the World Cup.

Picture by: Jaime O.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

OU at 13th century

If you want to travel on time and had fun living like a knight, a pirate or a princess, this weekend was the perfect chance to do it. The Medieval Fair has been at OU.

From Saturday 3rd April to Sunday 5th, the OU Reaves Park has become in a little medieval city. If you were walking by this fantastic place you could find from a medieval castle to a pirate ship, also knight's tournaments, camels, blacksmiths, magicians and all kinds of food. A Medieval Experience was the slogan for this year's fair, trying to attract attention of every student and Oklahoman. Before this fair, the Norman Arts Council Hotel Grant Program organized some events to learn about this period of the history.

We are very excited about offering these educational opportunities and academic activities in conjunction with the Medieval Fair” said Linda Linn, Fair Coordinator. “There is so much interest in this period of history among the public. It’s nice to add new venues for a variety of activities.”

I also think that is very important learning about our history and day after day people give less importance to that. People love this kinds of fair, but I think that OU should have more events like this.

34 cultures in one.

Last Friday 3rd April every student could enjoy the Eve of Nations. It was a culture Evenening where each country in the world with people studying here in OU did a typical performance from their country.

Footprints: a walk around the world. It was the show's slogan of the 39th Eve of Nations celebrated here in the Oklahoma University. More than 30 different countries perfomanced on it. This event is organized not just by one organization. All the student associations are joined to do that. The show was at the Lloyd Nobel Center from 7PM to 9:30 PM and more than 600 people attended.

“Being staff of this event is amazing. It's the second year that I am doing it and I love it. You can meet and work with people from everywhere around the world. I think that Eve of Nations is one of the most important events here in OU” says Franz Zenteno, political science senior and President of the International Advisory Comittee.

People say that year after year this event is improving and mor

e countries are performancing on it. This year won China and its “Dragon's Year”, but who knows which country will win next year?You should be there to check it.

Pictures by Jaime O.