Sunday, February 22, 2009

08:45 AM

Taking in Kraettli the 08:45 AM bus from White Nobel to South Oval has become impossible if you are waiting it in the Kraettli's second stop.

Every morning at 08:45 about 30 students are wainting in Kraettli to take the bus and go to class. The problem is that the bus (32 Apartment Loop) just stops by 30 minutes and a lot of classes begin at 09:00 AM. Kraettli has two bus stops separated by 160 yds and more people waits in the second bus stop than in the first one. When the bus picks up the students at Kraettli's first stop, the bus is full and almost never can pick up at the students who are waiting to take it in the next stop. It is happening everyday and anybody is doing nothing to change that. The driver's solution is to tell students that another bus is coming in five or ten minutes, but they begin classes at nine o'clock.

“I can't understand it. This is the second time in this week I am arriving late to my class”, “I am paying the same for this service and I can't take the bus, they should make something quickly” says Maxime, an international student who lives in Kraettli.

University should resolve this problem because it affects a lot of students every morning. If the Bus Service knows about the situation, they should be busses running more often. Or the Universisty could change the schedule and start classes at 09:10 AM.

Picture by: Jaime O.


Chalking on the floor is a common strategy to attract people. However what can you promote and what not?

I am from Spain and here in Oklahoma was the first time I saw chalking. I have ever seen in my unversity nothing like that. On my opinion this is a good idea to attract attention of your public. Was amazing for me, to walk by the Campus and watch the floor colorful with tens of advertisements about many different things, above all free foods (another thing which we haven't got in Spain). There are no rules about chalking, so it can be a great or a bad communication channel. On one hand, chalking has not a delimited space and the advertiser can be as creative as he can. Also you can use a lot of colours. On the other hand, does “no rules” mean that you can write wherever you like?Does “no rules” mean that you can chalk about whatever you like?

“Chalking is a very cheap and effective advertising channel. But you can't write about whatever you like. If you want to promote something by chalking you must ask for permission to Oklahoma University explaining what is your event and what you are going to write” says Susana GarcĂ­a, PANAM advertising officer.

Susana told me that two years ago, PANAM (a stude

nts association) had to stop its chalking promoting parties

because the pub was always full and a lot of people couldn't enter. It means that this kind of advertising could be effective enough.

Picture by: Jaime O.

Sunday, February 15, 2009



OU Men's Basketball won yesterday, February 14th against Texas Tech 95-74. It was an amazing game where Blake Griffin was the best player with 40 points and 23 boards.

Sooners fans had fun yesterday at the Lloyd Noble Center watching the game OU – Texas Tech. The big news of the game was that the B. Griffin performance was one of the best in University of Oklahoma history. Thanks to him, his team did lead until twelve minutes into the game. Now, Griffin is in the first three players of all OU basketball with at least 40 points and 20 rebounds in a game. The Red Raiders couldn't do much to stop him, he was like an unstoppable force. Texas Tech started so hard the first half-time, but the way the Sooners played was enough for the opposite team.

When the Griffin's totals were announced over the loudspeaker he claimed and laughed. “I felt like I was kind of in my zone today” said Blake Griffin after the game.

Austin is the next stop for Sooners, they will play against Texas. Everybody congratulated B. Griffin and they hope to see him playing as well as this Saturday.


February 12th, thursday night the ESO (European Students Organization) and FFSA (French and Francophone Students Association) they realized the Members Movie Night at the Union at 7:00 PM.

It does not mean that just European or Francophone students could attend to the event. Every student interested meeting new people, new languages or simply interested watching European cinema, he/she could go to the Union Governors Room at 7 PM Thursday night. Films screened were “A la Folie pas du tout” (French film) and “Pane e tulipani” (Italian film). The Member Movie Night offered free pop corn and soft drinks to all attendees. The price for membership is not greater than $10.

“We want everyone to know the European cinema, because we think it is a new way to understand another cultures and meet new people” says Mylene Marchat, FFSA President.

There will be another different and amusing events for memberships along the semester. You can better inform at &

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Put a cap on it

“Put a cap on it Party” was the second event organized by PANAM in 101 Bar and Grill last Friday 6th February.

Every two weeks, the student association PANAM prepares a party in 101 for its members and the general public. This time, the party's theme was “Put a cap on it” due to Condom Week at OU and also because Valentine day is coming up. In addition, PANAM has been working with the Women's Outreach Center and those who wore a cap in their head, were given free condoms by the PANAM staff.

“I think that is a good way to promote sexual health to young people by giving away condom, a lot of them aren't awared the problems they could face if they don't use one” says Nabil, the president of PANAM.

Around 800 people attended 101 last Friday and is hopefully the party had some impact on them. Condom Week will discuss a lot of important topics for students. For more information:

Multicultural dinner.

A multicultural dinner took place in a Kraettli's apartment last Saturday 7th February.

A group of exchange students organized a dinner where each one should bring a typical dish from their country. There were people from eight different countries and they cooked around 20 different dishes. The aim of this dinner was to share customs and roots from each country, in addition to the dishes people could bring some typical music from their country too.

“I had never tasted this kind of meat” said a French exchange student. “I am sure, because it isn't meat, it's vegetables” answered a Bolivian girl. This means that people discovered some new foods and they liked it.

As the activity was great, these exchange students decided to prepare another multicultural dinner and invite more people from as much countries as possible.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My place has been inaugurated.

That's you can see from my home

Kraettli vibrated last Friday with one of the best afterparties of the Spring Semester. It was on January 29 2009 from 2:30 AM to 6:30 AM and around 50 people were there.

Last Friday took place in Kraettli 404 the first -and the last- afterparty of the Spring Semester. A student who doesn't live there told everybody that there was going to be a great afterparty. When the apartment's owners arrived at their place, they found around 15 people waiting to come into their house. The owners thought that there was not a lot of people, opened the house and put music in a quiet volume. Suddenly people the owners and their friends had never seen arrived at the party and came in. The party lasted four hours and at 5:00 AM there were around 50 people in 170 ft2.

"Hey guy!It has been one of my best parties, thank you!" a man someone the owner had ever seen said. “I will cook spaguetti if you let me sleep on the couch” a girl said before leaving with her friends. A lot of people was leaving the place and said goodbye and thanks to everybody there because they didn't know who were the owners.

Next morning the house looked like a different one. Bottles and bottles of beer were in every corner. The floor's real color couldn't be seen because of the footprints and some drinks that had fallen on the floor. When the owners cleaned the house they found french fries, an earring, two keys and a cellphone! But the cell's owner called five hours later. The four owners of the place learned that it had been the first and the last afterparty in their place for this semester, at least with so many unknow people.