Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why not on Sundays?

Hundreds of students who live in Traditions East, Traditions West, and Kraettli Apartments try to take the Bus on Sunday to going to South Oval and they can not. What is going on?

I have already talk about about the Bus Service in OU, but I think that is necessary to deal this problem which a lot of people is having. Bus Service on OU is closed on Sundays. I can understand that the busses frequency shouldn't be the same, but this service should know that more than one thousand students are living in these apartments and they need a mean of transportation. These students often have no car. Bus Service also should know that Sunday is the day when a lot of stdents go to the library or Union to study, and usually the weather is not good to going by walking.

“There are several facilities for students on sunday like the library or different computer labs on campus which they can not enjoy without a bus service” says Alejandro Argilaga, senior Chemistry Engineer. “Well, I think that it is really bad that there isn't bus service on Sundays, because the people that don't have cars also have things to do on Sundays” says Maggy Villarroer, junior Graphic Designer.

I usually agree with this Bus Service, but I think that there are some things that they should improve.

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