Sunday, April 12, 2009


This week started the II International Soccer Tournament for OU students. Until the next May 3rd (Final Game Day) eight teams are going to play twice a week to win the Cup.

Oklahoma University is not very known for its Soccer Team, that is because this sport is not very famous in the US. But in the rest of continents, soccer is a way of life. People love this sport, they love watch it and play it. That's why PANAM (Students Association) organizes this tournament in which the only requirement to play is to be OU student. Students from the 5 continents for the teams PANAM, Drink Team, AFSA (African Student Association), Super Campeones (last semester winners), SSA, Dragon Blood Dough Boys, SVS and ESO (European Student Association). I think that football is a very good way to make friends, and it is better if your friends are from other countries.

“The soccer tournament is a way for international students to participate in a tournament were they can play the most popular sport in their home countries and show their skills” says Fernando Alborta, PANAM player. “I think that the tournament is unorganized because there's have to be real referee's for the game's, because it's really important for the safety of the players” says Karl Huber, ESO player.

If you like soccer you can attend tuesdays or thursdays to watch the games from 4 PM to 6 PM. It is not professional soccer but these teams play as they were at the World Cup.

Picture by: Jaime O.

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