Sunday, April 5, 2009

34 cultures in one.

Last Friday 3rd April every student could enjoy the Eve of Nations. It was a culture Evenening where each country in the world with people studying here in OU did a typical performance from their country.

Footprints: a walk around the world. It was the show's slogan of the 39th Eve of Nations celebrated here in the Oklahoma University. More than 30 different countries perfomanced on it. This event is organized not just by one organization. All the student associations are joined to do that. The show was at the Lloyd Nobel Center from 7PM to 9:30 PM and more than 600 people attended.

“Being staff of this event is amazing. It's the second year that I am doing it and I love it. You can meet and work with people from everywhere around the world. I think that Eve of Nations is one of the most important events here in OU” says Franz Zenteno, political science senior and President of the International Advisory Comittee.

People say that year after year this event is improving and mor

e countries are performancing on it. This year won China and its “Dragon's Year”, but who knows which country will win next year?You should be there to check it.

Pictures by Jaime O.

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