Sunday, February 22, 2009

08:45 AM

Taking in Kraettli the 08:45 AM bus from White Nobel to South Oval has become impossible if you are waiting it in the Kraettli's second stop.

Every morning at 08:45 about 30 students are wainting in Kraettli to take the bus and go to class. The problem is that the bus (32 Apartment Loop) just stops by 30 minutes and a lot of classes begin at 09:00 AM. Kraettli has two bus stops separated by 160 yds and more people waits in the second bus stop than in the first one. When the bus picks up the students at Kraettli's first stop, the bus is full and almost never can pick up at the students who are waiting to take it in the next stop. It is happening everyday and anybody is doing nothing to change that. The driver's solution is to tell students that another bus is coming in five or ten minutes, but they begin classes at nine o'clock.

“I can't understand it. This is the second time in this week I am arriving late to my class”, “I am paying the same for this service and I can't take the bus, they should make something quickly” says Maxime, an international student who lives in Kraettli.

University should resolve this problem because it affects a lot of students every morning. If the Bus Service knows about the situation, they should be busses running more often. Or the Universisty could change the schedule and start classes at 09:10 AM.

Picture by: Jaime O.

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