Sunday, February 22, 2009


Chalking on the floor is a common strategy to attract people. However what can you promote and what not?

I am from Spain and here in Oklahoma was the first time I saw chalking. I have ever seen in my unversity nothing like that. On my opinion this is a good idea to attract attention of your public. Was amazing for me, to walk by the Campus and watch the floor colorful with tens of advertisements about many different things, above all free foods (another thing which we haven't got in Spain). There are no rules about chalking, so it can be a great or a bad communication channel. On one hand, chalking has not a delimited space and the advertiser can be as creative as he can. Also you can use a lot of colours. On the other hand, does “no rules” mean that you can write wherever you like?Does “no rules” mean that you can chalk about whatever you like?

“Chalking is a very cheap and effective advertising channel. But you can't write about whatever you like. If you want to promote something by chalking you must ask for permission to Oklahoma University explaining what is your event and what you are going to write” says Susana GarcĂ­a, PANAM advertising officer.

Susana told me that two years ago, PANAM (a stude

nts association) had to stop its chalking promoting parties

because the pub was always full and a lot of people couldn't enter. It means that this kind of advertising could be effective enough.

Picture by: Jaime O.

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  1. Great blog, Jaime! It's very interesting to hear how students from other countries perceive the States. Keep sharing your thoughts.