Sunday, February 1, 2009

My place has been inaugurated.

That's you can see from my home

Kraettli vibrated last Friday with one of the best afterparties of the Spring Semester. It was on January 29 2009 from 2:30 AM to 6:30 AM and around 50 people were there.

Last Friday took place in Kraettli 404 the first -and the last- afterparty of the Spring Semester. A student who doesn't live there told everybody that there was going to be a great afterparty. When the apartment's owners arrived at their place, they found around 15 people waiting to come into their house. The owners thought that there was not a lot of people, opened the house and put music in a quiet volume. Suddenly people the owners and their friends had never seen arrived at the party and came in. The party lasted four hours and at 5:00 AM there were around 50 people in 170 ft2.

"Hey guy!It has been one of my best parties, thank you!" a man someone the owner had ever seen said. “I will cook spaguetti if you let me sleep on the couch” a girl said before leaving with her friends. A lot of people was leaving the place and said goodbye and thanks to everybody there because they didn't know who were the owners.

Next morning the house looked like a different one. Bottles and bottles of beer were in every corner. The floor's real color couldn't be seen because of the footprints and some drinks that had fallen on the floor. When the owners cleaned the house they found french fries, an earring, two keys and a cellphone! But the cell's owner called five hours later. The four owners of the place learned that it had been the first and the last afterparty in their place for this semester, at least with so many unknow people.

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