Sunday, February 15, 2009



OU Men's Basketball won yesterday, February 14th against Texas Tech 95-74. It was an amazing game where Blake Griffin was the best player with 40 points and 23 boards.

Sooners fans had fun yesterday at the Lloyd Noble Center watching the game OU – Texas Tech. The big news of the game was that the B. Griffin performance was one of the best in University of Oklahoma history. Thanks to him, his team did lead until twelve minutes into the game. Now, Griffin is in the first three players of all OU basketball with at least 40 points and 20 rebounds in a game. The Red Raiders couldn't do much to stop him, he was like an unstoppable force. Texas Tech started so hard the first half-time, but the way the Sooners played was enough for the opposite team.

When the Griffin's totals were announced over the loudspeaker he claimed and laughed. “I felt like I was kind of in my zone today” said Blake Griffin after the game.

Austin is the next stop for Sooners, they will play against Texas. Everybody congratulated B. Griffin and they hope to see him playing as well as this Saturday.

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