Sunday, March 1, 2009

Colombian Night. Rhythm Night.

Yesterday night, Saturday February 28th, all OU was painted of yellow, blue and red. That's why it was the Colombian Night. COLSA (Colombian Students Association) organized an event from 5 pm to 9 pm at Union.

Over two hundred people was yesterday night in Union dancing and singing at the Colombian Night. This association organized an event with live performances, presentations, dinner, and finally a concert of the Colombian Group Bonka. There were four hours full of rhythm, emotions, fun and music. People was saying they specially loved the concert. This event were not just for people from Colombia or Latin America, people from

US, France, Spain, Itali and more countries enjoyed this party.

“It has been a long time that I had not danced like tonight!It was amazing!” says Sebastien Grace, one of the assistans. “We are vey glad that people is having fun. We have organized this night with a lot of hope” says AndrĂ©s Vargas (COLSA President).

Every year COLSA organizes this event, but people say it's go to be hard to beat this night.

Picture by: Jaime O.

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