Sunday, March 8, 2009

Put a squirrel in your life

We are used to see everyday a lot of squirrels on Campus, however have we asked our-selves why are they here, or who take care of them?

Sciurus niger, that is the name with which OU biological survey has named at the Eastern Fox Squirrel. Even if we would to know the exact number of squirrels on Campus, we couldn't do it. A lot of these little animals are everyday running by the grass or climbing the trees, doing like if we -the humans- don't exist. However it isn't completely true. Many people on Campus are OU squirrel lovers, and they are responsible for feed and take care of them. Since 2004, some organizations have been founded with the goal to protect the OU squirrels. Although there are also students they don't like these animals.

“I like to walk by the Campus and watch how the squirrels climb the trees or eat acorns in the grass while people go past beside them” says Courtney Herubin, a Psychology freshman. “It's interesting this friendly relationship between humans and squirrels on this University, I like it” says José Ahumada, a Psychology senior.

The love for these brush-tailed campus critters has done that much Facebook Groups about OU squirrels have been created. Nowadays you can add the group “OU squirrels fascinate me”, “Genocide of the Squirrels at OSU and OU”, or “I touched an OU Squirrel, and I liked it”.

Pictures by: Jaime O.

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