Sunday, March 1, 2009

Healthy food on Campus. Do you choose what do you want?

Picture by: Jaime O.

If you count at the end of the week how many meals have you take on Campus restaurants, probably, you will be surpresed. A research made by a students group proves that people eat an average of three meals per week.

The problem is not the number of meals, but their quality and heath. Inside the Campus there are not a lot of different kinds of food to eat. All the restaurants serve fast food not healthy enought. I mean that we can't choose what we want to eat. Obviously, you can choose between pizza, hamburger, chicken, or sandwich; but we should addmit that deep down all is the same thing. I am from Spain, and on my university, you can eat pizza or hamburger if you want, but you also can order for a daily menu, with different meals, healthier and -I am sure- tastier. I think that Housing & Food should listen to the students and work for they can choose.

“I have to eat everyday on Campus because of my schedule and because I live so far from here. I know that this kind of food is not very healthy, but it's cheaper”, says Elisa Burton, an electrical engineering senior.

I know that we are students and we have not got a lot of time to spend cooking for our-selves, but in the research about healthy food on Campus, people said that they don't mind to spend much money if the food is healthier.

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