Sunday, March 8, 2009

Unforgettable PANAM NITE

Spanish girls with the Show's MC.(Picture by: Jaime O.)

Friday night, March 6th, more than three hundred people enjoyed the PANAM (Pan-American Students Association) Nite. It was celebrated at Ball Room (OMU) from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Have you ever imagine to spend a night sharing your own culture with others from Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, or Spain? It was possible last Friday. People knew this event was going to be awsome and one didn't want to miss it. Each one of the countries named before did its own performance, from dances to a Spanish Quizz interacting with the public. ALEGRIA (HAPPINESS) was the main theme of the night. All the performances were colorful and full of rhythm. After the show, the assistants enjoyed a delicious dinner and later they went to the Club 101.

“It has been great!The Venezuelan performance was amazing. I would like to dance like them.” says Kayla Duff. “Spanish people, we have worked hard to offer a good impression of Spain to our public and they enjoy the show” says Alejandro Argilaga, Spanish performer.

It was the 35th PANAM Cultural Night, and year after year this event is improved with the purpose of showing to the whole OU all the cultures that coexist inside this association.

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